Office hours
SH 2703, Thursdays, 2-3, and by appointment

Course materials
– Book for purchase: William Gibson, Neuromancer
– PDFs and other course reading linked to syllabus
– Supplemental books on reserve in library
– Films available for viewing on GauchoSpace

Notes & policies
– Deadlines and expectations for assignments are outlined on separate handout. The attendance policy is firm and the usual university policies for plagiarism pertain, although we will have to ask ourselves what “originality” means in the context of machine writing.

– Course content will likely be revised and new material added as the quarter proceeds; please check the online syllabus regularly to keep up to date.

– As preparation for class discussions, you can expect the occasional set of explicit instructions, e.g. research job opportunities in the fields of “content creation” and “content moderation.”

– Some of the material we will study may at first glance appear somewhat strange but that is precisely the point: this is, as they say, uncharted territory for literary study.